23 going on 8 – qMedia Open Studios (Digital Shoreditch), London,┬áMay 2011 and BEAM Festival, Brunel University, June 2011

A one-man-two-Arduino-three-shaker-eight-bell-two-ukelele-and-a- tambourine-band. Born out of the child like fascinations Louis McCallum, this rickety mass of MDF, toy instruments, string, cardboard and coloured wire, cobbled together in a cramped student dorm box room knocks out music in a manner normally confined to hazy childhood memories of toy- shop displays past. Performable and loopable, its allows the user to build of sequences of whirring motors playing brightly coloured instruments in a home made cabinet loosely held together by glue, nails and infantile wanderment.

Exhibited at Dorkbot, Digital Shoreditch 2011 and BEAM Festival 2011