Since December 2014 Louis has been employed as a Senior Developer for London-based artifical intelligence firm, HeresyAI. During this time he worked on building out multiple propositions applying AI to the areas of music and video, sport and FinTech. He has excellent programming skills with a focus on multimedia applications and development for mobile.

He completed his PhD, Friend Me Your Ears: A Musical Approach to Human Robot Relationships, in Media and Art Technology from QMUL in 2015.

Freelance projects undertaken have included generative composition and remix, concatenatative synthesis, generative lyricism, music information retrieval, gesture recognition, machine learning, electromechanical instrument design and construction, projection mapping, computer vision, augmented reality and digital sound design. This work, both individual and collaborative, have been widely exhibited across London, notably at the Royal Festival Hall, and in Dublin, New York and Austria. The robotic drummer he developed for his PhD, Mortimer, has appeared on the BBC’s Christmas Lectures and on Channel Five’s The Gadget Show.

He is currently teaching himself jazz piano and has just ran his sixth half marathon for charity, dressed in a tinfoil-heavy homemade robot costume.



Languages: Swift 3 and Objective C (iOS and Mac), Java, C++, Python, Javascript, GLSL, Lua

Skills: Mobile Development and Distribution, Multimedia Programming, Machine Listening, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Generative Music and Art, Code Reviewing, TDD, Scrum

Frameworks: QT, Torch, Git/Bitbucket, Jira, SuperCollider, OpenFrameworks, Processing, Arduino, Max/MSP, FFmpeg

Production Techniques

Audio recording and mixing (Logic Pro, ProTools), Synthesis and Sound Design Filming and Editing (Final Cut Pro), CAD (Rhino), Graphic Design (Sketch)



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