Bomb Predisposal Unit – London, Sept 2012

Wi-fi imitation bomb disposal unit robot built with Evan Morgan for Richard DeDomenci’s Olympic street performance.

We were approached by ArtsAdmin Artist Richard DeDomenci to build make his recently purchased Spykee robot look a little less like a childs plaything and more like a military war machine. Meccano’s Spykee claims to be open source although there is little evidence of this, so we decided to open him up and have a look inside. Everything except the circuit board was scrapped and a completely new robot assembled around him, enabling to the new robot to be controlled and viewed over a self generated wifi network with the original Meccano interface.

Wifi Controllable
Live camera feed
Triggering of custom samples through hacked megaphone
Removable gripper arm (not controllable)
Two static camera mounts