Marble Piano РRoyal Festival Hall, London, May 2011 and BEAM Festival, Brunel University, June 2011

Marble Piano

Originally built w/Duncan Menzies and Davy Smith as part of Scrapheap Piano Challenge at the Royal Festival Hall. 4 teams, 4 pianos destined for the tip and 1 day to build something cool.

The piano is stripped to its case, strings undampened and exposed. Marbles are collected in bottle top baskets and slowly cranked to the top where they are jettisonned down a lengthy shoot before clattering onto the pianos heart. The marble then rolls to the bottom, causing resonant arpeggios as it goes and is picked up again to cause more unusual, unpredictable and always awesome sounds

Scrapheap Piano Challenge Documentary

Reinstallation of Marble piano from Scrapheap Piano Challenge at BEAM festival, thanks to Sarah Nicolls. Rebuilt by Louis McCallum