Wasser Und Wort – Klagenfurt Cathedral, Austria, Feb 2012 – Apr 2012

Wasser und Wort

Large interactive fabric sculpture in Klagenfurt Cathedra, Austria. Sculpture by Helma Rud, tech by me and Joe Lyske. Big up openFrameworks and Patricio Gonzalez Vivo for the ofxFX shader.

Sculpture is mapped in 2D and water animations projected. When presence is detected, watery text inputted by members of the local public begins to bubble to the surface. When enough people combine, the text becomes fully revealed

“The idea for the installation is to pass on thoughts and remove the social filter. While social networking services, such as Twitter, are often considered as a mirror of thought, they effectively exclude whole sections of our community, especially the elderly.

“Filling out of comment cards, however, doesn’t require specialist knowledge on a theological, artistic or technological level. The exhibit removes this social filter, because the person receiving the message doesn’t know whether they come from a professor, a child, an elderly person or someone unemployed. The messages are read for their inherent value.”

– Helma Rud

Photo Stefan Schweiger