Weavrs – Botstep and Whistling

Botstep and Whistling for Weavrs Generative Wobble and Robot Whistling. Continuing great work from Thor Magnusson

Weavrs are, in their own words “your alter egos crafted from the threads of the social web”. Learn more here

The project was initially set up by Thor Magnusson and later updated by myself. What happens is we get data from the Weavr, such as date, time, emotion and location.

We then use this data to allow the Weavr to take part of in the age old tradition making and posting Dubstep tracks to Soundcloud.

Similarly to the Botstep project, the Weavrs data is used to generate eery whistles whilst they wait for information to be fetched. Algorithmic comp by the Louis, whistling physical modelling synthesis by Thor Magnusson.